1. Brazilian Mink (8A) is a higher grade than Brazilian (7A)
    2. 8A is less maintenance and lasts longer than 7A
    3. Custom Full Lace Wigs are made with Mink 8A hair 
    4. Full Lace Glue-Less wigs requires no glue, tape, or adhesive to sit securely on scalp
    5. Hair System = wig

TCC Hair Care: 

    1. TCC sells Brazilian extensions and hair systems only.
    2. Products Mix Chicks, Garnier Fructis Intensely Smooth, and OGX Curl Styling Mink are recommended for curly hair extensions and wigs.
    3. Use Giovanni 2-Chic for all extensions and wigs.
    4. Consult with a professional before dying extensions. TCC extensions can withstand multiple dye jobs with professional and drug store products, preferably L'oreal.
    5. You can curl/straighten all extensions. Curly extensions may not hold a straight look for a long period of time.
    6. Bundles and custom wigs lasts up to 1-2 years depending on maintenance.
    7. Closures lasts 2-3 months or 1-2 installs. Closures are very delicate.
    8. Frontals are very unique. Longevity completely depends on customer and stylist install technique.
    9. NEW Customized Lace Glue-Less Units lasts up to 9-12 months depending on maintenance.

TCC Hair Systems for women and girls:

    1. How to buy a wig online?  
    1. How do you determine cap size? Note: Please measure your head as we have a NO REFUND policy.

    2. Are all caps free?

      No. M caps are free. S and L caps are $10

    3. What is the difference between a Custom Full Lace Glue-Less Wig and Custom Wig units? 

      Full lace glue-less units have individual hair knotted into the cap. There are no wefts (tracks) throughout the unit. You can part your hair wherever you want and style however you want. The hairline is pre-plucked so once on, you’ll look as if it’s your real hair. With the proper cap size, you can put this unit on without adhesives, tape, or sewn down. Longevity: 9 - 12 Months.

      Custom wig units have wefts (tracks) in the back and has a closure or frontal in the front. This unit type is great for those who wear their hair in the same style daily and who does not mind feeling ig tracks throughout their hair. Longevity: 1-2 years with proper maintenance. Closure or frontal needs to get switched out over time.  

    4. Do you have a visual of density types? 

      130% 130

      150% 150

      180% 180

TCC Hair Systems for men and boys: (Coming Soon)


      1. No refunds on extensions or hair systems that have left the store. 
      2. We do not accept checks for payment. Cash or major debit/credit cards only.
      3. No exchanges acceptable without customer paying difference.
      4. TCC is not liable for damages done by customer from coloring. Please seek professional services for dye applications.
      5. Houston salon will open in 2018.
      6. Issues that cannot get resolved with TCC Customer Care will route to TCC Legal Dept.
      7. TCC can refuse service to anyone.
      8. Only customers with clean scalps are allowed to fit on wigs even with a cap.
      9. In order to keep wigs in top condition, in store wig purchasors are only allowed to fit on two wigs max. NO EXCEPTIONS.


      1. Sells additional products: Clip-Ins, Tape, and Micro-loop extensions.
      2.  TCC Houston has private appointments on Monday and Tuesday. Please call to schedule an appointment.
      3. Sells body wave and straight mink textures extensions/closures/frontals in-store only. All unit textures are sold in-store.
      4. Mink extensions go up to 24" in store. Anything longer will need to get made at operations in Nashville, TN in a grade lower (Brazilian 7A). Please order in advance in time for occasion  or hair appointment.
      5. Styling only on units. For extensions, we'll point you to the top stylist in your area.
      6. Wig deposits are done in store or at checkout online. Please call 713-367-1862. All deposits are non-refundable. TCC will hold your wig for 3 months after being completed. 


      1. Salon and Hair Store are located at the same place. 
      1. Schedule an appointment with Carissa here
      1. Sells all textures and grades for extensions and hair systems. 
      1. Extensions go up to 30" in store. Anything longer will need to get made by operations in Nashville. Please order in advance in time for occasion or hair appointment.