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TCC Hair is ready to provide you with an amazing hair loss solution, impeccable quality, and service you deserve. Due to our locations, we offer our clients complete privacy and anonymity, as they could be coming to the building to visit just about anyone. All solutions are completely personalized to each client. We serve women, men, and kids for medical and general purposes. You'll be taken care of like family and will no longer miss what's missing.

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TCC HAIR TEXAS has flexible payment options both online and in store. For online, LAY-BUY is at the end of checkout. For in store, clients can put down any amount with staff and call in or drop off future payments. 50% of cost is needed to put items in production. 100% is needed to pickup or ship. Non-refundable. 

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Clients: Consultation services are confidential and free. Clients can elect face-to-face or virtual appointment options. Each session is 1 hour. We look forward to seeing you! 

Physicians: Request brochures for your office and/or meeting with TCC. 

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  1. Q: What, exactly, is a TCC Hair System?  

    A: The TCC Hair System is an advanced hair-prosthesis system that originates from The Carissa Collection in Nashville, TN. The current design was developed in 2017, designed for general cosmetic, hair loss, or thinning hair.  

  2. Q: How do you determine whether or not a person is a candidate for this procedure?

    Designing a TCC Hair Unit begins with a private consultation during which staff sit down with a client and understand needs and expectations. A questionnaire is asked to ensure customer satisfaction. Measurements are taking of the scalp to ensure security, natural look and feel, needs, and desired characteristics for the system. Once completed, the prosthesis is secured to the client's scalp with or without adhesive. Both options of the prosthesis allows the client to wash, style, and be physically active with their TCC Unit in complete confidence.

  3. Q: Is everyone with any kind of hair loss a candidate for hair restoration via this system?  

    A: Yes. The TCC Unit benefits men, women, and children with or without hair loss.

  4. Q: What are the potential side effects or ill effects of the system?  

    A: There are no potential side or ill effects because it is a non-surgical hair replacement system.

  5. Q: How is this prosthesis different or better than a hairpiece, weave, or other type of hair-replacement alternative?

    A: The TCC Hair Unit is an advanced cosmetic hair-replacement system. Even those with sensitive scalps can wear the unit without any issues. Traditional hair weaves requires thick hair for security and 2-4 week maintenance. This type of application could cause hair loss from tension. Not only tension, but hygiene could be a problem as the wearer is unable to wash their natural hair fully to ensure a clean and healthy scalp. With hair-transplant surgery, the patient must have enough of his or her own hair or “donor hair” to transplant to the area of hair loss. Hair loss due to autoimmune conditions such as alopecia areata, totalis, and universalis, as well as scarring alopecias, are not candidates for hair transplantation. The TCC Hair Unit is a wonderful option for all of these cases.

  6. Q: What is the cost range for the entire process and prosthesis?

    Overall, costs are based on density, color, and length of hair. The cost of a TCC Hair Unit hair system (scalp prosthesis) starts at $400.

  7. Q: What kind of maintenance is required, how much does it cost, and how often is it needed?

    A: Since this is a cosmetic hair-replacement system, clients can wash and style their unit as if it were their own hair. Another option is to have TCC staff wash, style, and re apply the unit. Visits are conducted in private and include wash, cut, re-color, and styling. Visits range from $65 to $550. 

  8. Q: How long does the prosthesis last and is there a guarantee?

    A: The prosthesis is completely custom-designed to the wearer and is worn every day, 24/7. Typically, the prosthesis lasts about 12 months. 

  9. Q: Do you have a visual of density types?

    1. 130% 130

      150% 150

      180% 180
  10. Q: Do you sell extensions? 

    A: Yes. We have Brazilian Mink and Brazilian hair extensions in bundles, tape, clip-ins, micro-loops, closures, and frontals. 

  11. Q: How often can I wash my hair system?

    A: As often as you choose however, we suggest once per week.

  12. Q: Do I need to wear a wig cap underneath my unit? 

    A: Wig caps help with keeping your hair flat and baby hairs out of the way. It's not imperative however, it gives a clean finish especially if you have long hair.
  13. Q: Can I style the unit myself? 

    A: Yes. You can style your unit as if you would your natural hair. Heat 450-500 degrees can be used daily. Just refrain from getting to close to the units scalp. 

  14. Q: Do you sell human hair units?

    A: Yes, all units sold by TCC are 100% human hair and not synthetic. 

  15. Q: Does my insurance pay for my wig? 

    A: Some insurance companies will reimburse you for your TCC Hair Unit. Please call your provider and inquire about hair/cranial prosthesis and the amount they'll cover. Once you purchase your hair unit, you'll provide them with your TCC invoice for reimbursement. 

  16. Q: How do I wash my unit? 

    A: Just as you would your natural hair. We suggest you use your products at home however, if your unit doesn't have the same look and feel when purchased, use our recommended products called 2 Chic by Giovanni: Pineapple + Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner. You can find this online and at your local Whole Foods. If you do not have this in your local Whole Foods, we'll ship these to you. 

  17. Q: Can I use a leave in conditioner for extra softness? 

    A: Yes. 2 Chic by Giovanni: Pineapple + Ginger Leave in Conditioner. 

  18. Q: How can I change the style on my male unit? 

    A: All male units are cut and styled. After normal wash and conditioner, your unit will go back to its original state. For new styling, you'll have to schedule an appointment to drop off the unit. 

  19. Q: What is your refund policy? 

    A: No refunds. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot extend refunds. We'll work with clients to fix any adjustments on the clients behalf and cost.  

  20. Q: What is your policy on deposits? 

    A: 50% is needed to start your unit. The remaining balance is needed in order to pick up. Clients have 15 days to pick up unit before being eligible for sale to public.

  21. Q: Are pre-designed units in store? 

    A: Yes. Pre-designed units scalp measurements are based of previous clients. If nothing fits, we'll create a unit for you from scratch.

  22. Q: What if I don't have an appointment but need a unit today? 

    A: You're more than welcomed to come at anytime we are open however, if with a client, you won't be able enter unless the client allows it. We'll politely ask you to wait in our lobby area till the clients appointment is finished. 

  23. Q: Do you make units with bundles and closers/frontals at the Houston location?

    A: No. If a client request this, we'll ship our TCC Mink bundles to Nashville for Carissa to complete. Cost is $220 not including the cost of the extensions.